New paper: Scenarios and models to support global conservation targets

Originally posted on the Conservation Science lab website:

Conservation Science

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Paper authors: Emily Nicholson, Elizabeth Fulton, Thomas M. Brooks, Ryan Blanchard, Paul Leadley, Jean Paul Metzger, Karel Mokany, Simone Stevenson, Brendan A. Wintle, Skipton N.C. Woolley, Megan Barnes, James E.M. Watson, Simon Ferrier

Journal: Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Blog author: Emily Nicholson & Simone Stevenson

Citation: Nicholson, E., Fulton, E.A., Brooks, T.M., Blanchard, R., Leadley, P., Metzger, J.P., Mokany, K., Stevenson, S., Wintle, B.A., Woolley, S.N.C., Barnes, M., Watson, J.E.M. & Ferrier, S. (2018) Scenarios and models to support global conservation targetsTrends in Ecology and Evolution.

Video Abstract: Emily Nicholson explains how models and scenarios can improve the development and implementation of international biodiversity targets


The world is experiencing a rapid and widespread loss of nature. The Aichi Targets are a set of goals intended to secure the future of biodiversity, agreed upon by the international community in 2010. International targets act as powerful…

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